Hallo Mobil

HALLO is an esteemed telecommunications company from Copenhagen, honored with the Børsen Gazelle award for its outstanding performances.






visitors converted to leads


leads converted to customers

The company places the utmost importance on its communication with customers.

For approximately a year, they utilized the pioneering Trust Prize platform with the primary objective of lead generation. During this period, they executed many giveaway campaigns, offering enticing rewards ranging from subscriptions to Apple gadgets.

Leveraging our platform, they integrated pop-ups on their website, crafted landing pages linked to their social media profiles, and introduced QR code giveaways in their physical stores.

The outcomes were remarkable. They garnered 7,792 leads, of which their sales team successfully converted an impressive 85% into customers. This case underscores the potent combination of transparency in giveaways and our meticulously designed SaaS platform.

The LiveDraw feature shows participants that this is a fair contest with a real winner, who gets to enjoy the first prize. Sune, Head of sales, Hallo