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Looking for exiting new ways of attracting followers and sponsors?

Trust Prize is the new standard for safe and easy set up and execution of online contests and giveaways across all your social channels. And for influencers, it’s free.

Excite your followers & grow your base with trusted giveaways

Effectively expand your fanbase and reach

With no need for special SoMe abilities or costly creatives, you can create exciting live draws that attract attention to your profile

Your good name and reputation are safe with us

Trust Prize LiveDraws are certified fair and compliant with GDPR and local regulations. This will keep you out of legal trouble and your fans smiling.

Live and kicking in minutes

Our platform provides a seamless automated workflow with easy access to campaign inspiration and support

Captivating giveaways to be trusted

– with live draws and full disclosure for participants from sign-up to delivery of the grand prize to the happy winner

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Verified giveaway

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