Hallo, we’re TrustPrize.

At TrustPrize we believe in fair play. That’s why we developed our safe, smart verification system for prize giveaways.
It’s a seamless end-to-end process that works for participants and organizers alike.

Built in Denmark, founded on trust

Based in Copenhagen, we’re a startup founded in 2018 by four individuals experienced in marketing and tech.

At the outset we had one simple question: why isn’t there a way for users to verify the authenticity of prize giveaway competitions? Our answer: let’s put things right.

As we researched the market, we began talking to people about our ideas: a ‘Verification Badge’ awarded to trusted giveaway organizers, a ‘Certificate ID’ that can be checked by participants, an open ‘Live Draw’ event run by a trusted third party. The feedback was great, and these budding ideas became essential elements within a carefully designed authentication process. A service founded on trust.

We give confidence to participants

“So, what’s the problem with giveaways?”

As a participant, you want to feel confident that a giveaway is authentic and that you have a genuine chance of winning. But you know the risks – the scammers and the spammers. Why take chances with your personal data?

With a TrustPrize verified giveaway you can be 100% confident that you are signing up for a genuine promotional event set up by a trusted organizer, with a transparent prize draw and a real winner of a real prize. We make sure of that.

We only work with genuine organizers who stick to our rules about data privacy. No spamming, no scamming. Just fair play.

We deliver trust to organizers

“In business, trust is a prize worth winning.”

As a business you want your brand to be synonymous with integrity. You understand that prize giveaway promotions can help your business engage with people in a positive way. But you know that organizing a credible professional giveaway takes time and effort.

As a certified organizer with TrustPrize, you can set up your giveaways in minutes. An automated workflow will create your landing page, process user signups, publicise your giveaway and manage the grand finale LiveDraw event.

We deliver convenience and value. But most importantly, we deliver trust. Now, that’s a prize worth holding onto.

Meet our team
Rabih Turk
Téo Pavlidis
Product Designer
Valeriu Paloş