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Finally a verification system for trusted giveaways

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Stand by for great giveaways verified by us


You know who!

Only trusted organizers can partner with TrustPrize and use our verification system.


A guaranteed prize

Each giveaway must have an actual prize and we verify its handover to the lucky winner.


Scheduled prize draw

Every winner is chosen 100% randomly in an open online LiveDraw event.


Protected entry forms

All data is protected using Public-Key encryption before leaving your computer.


Your personal data,
your property!

When you enter a giveaway, you consent that ONLY the organizer may contact you for marketing purposes, no one else!

Check if a giveaway is authentic.
Look for our verification badge.

Giveaways that proudly display the TrustPrize badge are 100% safe and secure.

We verify authenticity and monitor fair play.

If in doubt, double check!

Every giveaway verified by TrustPrize has its own certificate ID.

You can visit our website and test the ID for cast-iron proof of authenticity.

Our public LiveDraw delivers the thrill of winning fair and square

Read how the LiveDraw works

Safeguards we set up to support fair play

Visuals you can verify

Look for a consistency of style across all media. Most of all, look for our logo. And, if in doubt, visit our website to check the certificate ID with us.

Trusted organizers

We work only with organizers who comply with our rules on transparency, fairness, and security of data. No exceptions.

Security comes first

All TrustPrize verified giveaways are secured using asymmetric key encryption and are safe-guarded behind strong anti-abuse policies.

We do the draw

We are in charge of the LiveDraw, and carry it out on a specified date and time. Our random algorithm picks the winner. No funny business.

TrustPrize is the safe and smart verification system for trusted prize giveaways.