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LiveDraw: 100% random, public and transparent

The thrill of winning fair and square

  • A scheduled date and time for each LiveDraw.
  • Genuine and verified random selection.
  • No fixes, no redraws. Just fair play. Guaranteed.

We make sure you don’t miss the big event

When you sign up for any of our verified giveaways, we’ll send a notification so you know the date and time of your LiveDraw. And we’ll send reminders closer to the time so you can cross your fingers and tune in!

We shine a light on all the facts

All giveaways have an official webpage with details of the organizer, the prize and the LiveDraw. No shady secrets.

Available information

  • the unique ID Certificate
  • details about the organizer
  • the date and time of LiveDraw
  • transparent Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy and Data Security policies

And the winner is…

Watch live as a short countdown builds anticipation before the TrustPrize algorithm picks the lucky winner.

Follow-up support for the winner

We’re excited you won, so we’ll deliver the good news straight away, and help you claim your prize.

Giveaways that deliver.
Verified by us.

TrustPrize is the safe and smart verification system for trusted prize giveaways.