Functions list

Giveaway goals

  • Opt-in box on your website
  • Embed on your website
  • Landing page on
  • Facebook (coming soon)
  • Instagram (coming soon)


Upload the prize photo, write your text, decide the fields, edit the consent text, fix the positioning, preview your giveaway on your website, and you are ready to go.


Fire off the pop-up when the following triggers are met:

  • On delay
  • On scroll-down
  • On inactivity
  • On exit intent


Define the conditions that must be fulfilled for the pop-up box to be shown.

  • URL matchReferrer match
  • Cookies match
  • New user
  • First view


Set up additional checks for more confidence in the captured leads

  • E-mail confirmation
  • Invisible Captcha


Integrate your chosen marketing platform and access leads as soon as your giveaway goes live.

Leads management

  • Leads score
  • High confidence leads number
  • Export as CSV
  • Export as JSON
  • Export as XML

Multiple company profiles

Create and administrate multiple company profiles (suitable for marketing agencies)


Assign different roles with various permissions to stakeholders.

  • Administrators
  • Managers
  • Authors


Connect with your favorite social media and you are one click away from sharing the giveaway to your followers in the following platforms:

  • Facebook (coming soon)
  • Instagram (coming soon)
  • Twitter (coming soon)
  • LinkedIn (coming soon)

Project timeline

The giveaway timeline shows you the status and your next actions:

  • Created
  • Scheduled
  • Launched
  • LiveDraw
  • Prize sent


The statistics give you the necessary insight into your giveaways:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Leads/time
  • Leads/device
  • Top countries
  • Top refferers

Localization options

Adjust your giveaways to local preferences.

  • Language
  • Time zone
  • Currency

Compliant Terms & Conditions

All the tools to create a legal agreement with the participants in any country.

Tracking code integration

Detailed information to quickly integrate the tracking code into your website with no code required.