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Smart Features

Smart Features


Design your giveaway

Insert your photo, add the details, and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple.

Assign roles and permissions


Designate specific roles and responsibilities to authorized users within your team.


Build excitement

Promote your giveaways with one-click social media sharing.


Collect marketing leads

Integrate with your chosen marketing platform and access leads as soon as your giveaway goes live.

Auto winner picking

The LiveDraw

The dramatic finale of every giveaway is a live online event. The TrustPrize algorithm randomly selects a winner so your giveaway is 100% transparent.

Automated tasks

You won’t need to lift a finger for these great inbuilt services


Giveaway landing page

As soon as you start your giveaway we launch your dedicated landing page with full details and user sign-up facility.


Status e-mails for all participants

We email all participants with key information after registration and ahead of the LiveDraw. Everyone, including the winner, receives relevant details surrounding the LiveDraw result.

A journey designed to generate trust

Offering a transparent and secure giveaway process boosts your business with quality leads and promotes positive engagement with your brand.

TrustPrize for the users (1min)

Push notifications to keep all eyes on the prize

We use push notifications to make sure that participants stay engaged with your giveaway and know when to tune in for the exciting LiveDraw.

Easy integration

Out of the box, TrustPrize works seamlessly with any website or e-commerce platform.

No coding skills required

“Need to verify all of that?”

No problem. Try TrustPrize for free.