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I’ve created a competition and I don’t see it loading on my website, why is that?

There could be multiple reasons for this, let’s try to rule some of them out.

  1. Is the script integrated properly?
    The script tag must be properly loaded (preferably) in the <head></head> section of your page. See the Guide for details. Your browser’s JS console log will show the message TrustPrize: script loaded for account <ID> on correct install.

  2. Is your website loaded using the HTTPS?
    The TrustPrize Opt-in form will only show on websites loaded using the https:// URL scheme. We’re taking security and privacy very seriously, and we consider that capturing user personal data over completely unprotected protocols is a no-no.

  3. Are you using Content Security Policy?
    If your website is enforcing Content Security Policy rules (you can use https://gf.dev/csp-test to check) then you must also extend your CSP rules to allow for the correct loading of TrustPrize resources. See the Guide for details.

  4. Are you using the correct competition goal?
    TrustPrize competitions can be created using different “goals”. A goal is a way for that competition to manifest itself in the real world and capture user leads (this could be anything from an opt-in form to a Facebook post).

    If you expect your competition to show on your website, then you most likely are trying to use one of the following two goals:
    “Popup-Box” shows a pop-up form over your website;
    “Embed” injects the form in the middle of one of your pages.

    Please make sure you’re using the goal that you really intend. If you’re trying to use the “embed” goal, also make sure you’ve injected the proper code in your desired custom landing page.

    You can find this code by opening your competition from the Trust Prize dashboard and clicking on the “Embed” link in the “Edit & Preview” Panel (see the screenshot below).

Show your opt-in based on advanced URL-matching rules

A TrustPrize “Popup Box” competition can be set-up to show only on specific pages by enabling and setting the URL matching rules in the competition’s “Settings” screen.

These rules are matched against the current page’s window.location.href property, which contains the complete URI (from protocol schema, up to and including the fragment hash). This enables you to match on any part of the URI you desire.

Furthermore, these rules may be simple strings, but also full Regular Expression, which will give you tremendous flexibility in expressing the conditions to allow the opt-in to show.

Tip: The regular expressions must be written as simple strings (i.e. "^pattern$"); remember that the JS literal notation (i.e. /^pattern$/) is not supported.

Here are some useful rules

  • example.com/?([?#].*|$)
    only match the root page of your domain (i.e. “example.com”) regardless trailing slash, query strings of hash fragments;

  • example.com/some/page/?([?#].*|$)
    only match the /some/page` location regardless trailing slash, query strings of hash fragments;

  • [?&]special_key=(12|17)([&#]|$)
    only match if the query string contains parameter “special_key” with value 12 or 17;

  • #.*secret-key
    only match if the hash argument contains the text “secret-key” anywhere in its contents;

We’re using the core JavaScript regular expression engine provided by all mainstream browsers, there the specific features are supported. See this cheat-sheet on the Mozilla Developer Network for a quick reference.

How to add the giveaway tracking code to your website?

To run giveaways on your domain, you need to load the Trust Prize Tracking Script in your website’s source code. The script will render the opt-in pop-ups for your giveaways and will also confirm that you are, in fact, the true owner of your domain address.

  • We ask that your website is served on https:// and not on http://. This is a basic requirement that protects participants and their personal data.

  • This script must be installed at the root of your account’s domain address but also on every sub-page where you want your giveaways to be shown!

  • When publishing a giveaway, we check your domain to ensure the script is installed correctly (at the root URL).

Here’s what you need to do…

1. Install the script on your website

Place the following code in the <head>…</head> section of your website.

<script src="https://script.trustprize.com?account=ACCOUNT_ID" async></script>
  • Replace ACCOUNT_ID with your account’s ID (at the top of the Company Profile page).

  • It’s loaded asynchronously so it won’t affect your website’s loading process.

  • It doesn’t use <iframe> and it doesn’t conflict with your own CSS styles.

  • You can control when the pop-up is displayed from the campaign’s settings.

2. Adjust your CSP rules

If you have Content Security Policy configured for your website, then – to make TrustPrize work with your website – append the following values to your existing CSP rules to allow required content from https://*.trustprize.com to be loaded properly.

script-src https://trustprize.com https://*.trustprize.com;
img-src https://trustprize.com https://*.trustprize.com;
font-src https://trustprize.com https://*.trustprize.com;
connect-src https://trustprize.com https://*.trustprize.com;

  • These values must be appended to your existing CSP rules.

  • If you don’t use CSP on your website then you can ignore this step entirely.

3. Done

To check the integration, go to your account’s Tracking Script page and click the “Save and validate” button next to your domain address. You should get a “Domain validated successfully!” message upon success.

Legitimate and transparent giveaways can strengthen your brand awareness and offer you the opportunity for lead generation from a pool of quality leads who trust you, not repeating “prize hunters”.

For businesses, we have created a SaaS platform to create authentic giveaways. Trust Prize is a one-stop-shop where you can create, share, and manage contests quickly and easily.

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