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Trust Prize lets brands, agencies and influencers execute effective, fun and fair online contests across all channels.

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Safe and effective lead generation with full CRM integration and transparency


Engaging activities with world-class support and attractive kick-back model


Free tool for creating exciting content that grows following and captures attention

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Trust Prize offers easy, fast and safe campaign execution across all channels

Run your campaign on every channel

With an always-on approach, Trust Prize lets you run your campaign on multiple channels. This feature enables you to create a proper buzz and interact relevantly with potential customers and target groups – excatly when and where they are most open to your offer.

No special SoMe abilities or costly creatives is needed to get your giveaway live and busy generating quality leads for your business.

LiveDraw to capture attention and build excitement

Every giveaway ends with a live draw at a scheduled date and time. All partcipants are alerted and invited to watch live as the countdown builds excitement before the Trust Prize algorithm picks and announces the lucky winner.

The unique tracking code links to an official webpage for the specific campaign with all relevant details about organiser, prize and the LiveDraw from sign-up to delivery and receipt of the prize.

Live draw with count-down and notifications
Full integrity with 100% transparency and verification

Full integrity with 100% transparency and verification

Each campaign comes equipped with a verification badge to certify that the activity is fully compliant with local rules and regulations, including GDPR. 

This effectively protects the draw from manipulation, protects particpants personal data from being shared or misused, and in turn protects brands and organisers from bad reviews, reputation damage and legal issues.

Case video: Hallo Mobil ApS

See Trust Prize's impact on a telecommunications business in Copenhagen

Hallo: Over 80% sales conversion with Trust Prize






visitors converted to leads


leads converted to customers

The LiveDraw feature shows participants that this is a fair contest with a real winner, who gets to enjoy the first prize. Sune, Head of sales, Hallo

Previous contests on Instagram and Facebook weren't trustworthy. Not good enough for the participants. Julian, Founder, Hallo

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