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What is Trust Prize?

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Get the whole story in 2 minutes



At Trust Prize, we have obtained legal approval for our platform and data processing. This ensures that all data is handled in compliance with applicable legislation to secure your data, incl GDPR.

We check!

Every organizer of Trust Prize-verified giveaways has signed a contract stating that by law the prize must be delivered to the winner a maximum of 15 days after the LiveDraw.

The companies need to provide proof of delivery, and we contact the winner to ensure the prize has been delivered and is as promised.

If you are the lucky winner, you will need to register with us to confirm that you have received your prize.

Trust is our main focus

Our primary task is to ensure that you, as a participant, can have complete confidence in Trust Prize – with regards to authenticity of the competition as well as the security of your data.

We achieve this by only providing our tool to campaign organizers, who will adhere to our strict rules regarding execution.

Furthermore, we have made it easy for participants to contact us so that we can intervene if they do not receive their rightful prize.


You don’t need an account to participate in a competition organized and verified by Trust Prize.


We do not share any personal information (names, emails, or phone numbers) with anyone. The only exception is the name and surname of the winner, which will be announced publicly once the LiveDraw concludes.


Trust Prize is a privately owned company established in Denmark in 2018


Trust Prize is not a giveaway organizer. We provide our platform for businesses that wish to conduct fair and transparent online contests for their target groups.


To ensure equal conditions and chances for all participants, you can only enter each competition once.


When you participate in a lottery, it is SOLELY the campaign organizer who receives your data.

The campaign organizer is not allowed to share your data with others but may send you emails or SMS with special offers, new products, event invitations, or other relevant information.

As a participant, you can revoke your consent at any time and have all your entered data wiped completely.


Everyone can participate in competitions conducted through the Trust Prize platform for free.

Trust Prize was founded by a team of developers and designers and later joined by a commercial partner to drive sales and international expansion.

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A giveaway contest is a prize draw from qualifying entries.

Entrants do not differentiate themselves qualitatively and are thus drawn randomly for winner selection.

There are also compliance requirements that relate to prize draws, and in some countries and territories like Sweden, Ireland, and Quebec (Canada), giveaways or sweepstakes (i.e.,no-skill-based entry) are not allowed.

Prize draws you can trust

Live draw with count-down and notifications

Fair play

With Trust Prize, you can be sure the prize draw is fair. After a public countdown, the Trust Prize algorithm draws the winner live at the announced time. With full transparency you can follow everything – from entry and all the way to delivery of the prize to the lucky winner.

Data security

With Trust Prize, you can be sure that the activity is in full compliance with local rules and regulations. This includes GDPR, ensuring that your data can never be misused or shared with anyone but the prize organizer. Up until the time of the actual draw, you can freely withdraw your consent, and all your registered data will be permanently deleted. 

Full integrity with 100% transparency and verification


Trust Prize verified giveaways for all